(a) In these General Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Company” shall mean SHAMBA TRAVEL AND TOURS  having its registered office at 7303 Kambala Road, Nemchem Building, Light Industrial, Lusaka ZAMBIA 10101

“Client” shall mean the person who books a tour, flights, service or activity with the Company either directly, or via a Travel Agent or Tour Operator, and who will participate in such tour, service or activity;

Special Conditions” mean the special terms, if any, annexed to the Form of Agreement;

“Travel Agent” or “Tour Operator” shall mean any company or person who books a tour, service or activity with the Company on behalf of a Client;

“Subcontractor” shall mean any company or person contracted by the Company to provide any flights, tour, accommodation, service, activity or associated activity and which forms part of the Client’s proposed itinerary.

In these General Conditions:

(i) a person includes an individual, a government, state, state agency, corporation, body corporate, association or partnership;

(ii) any gender includes all genders, and the singular includes the plural (and vice versa);

(iii) a reference to a party includes its personal representatives, successors or permitted assigns;

(iv) any words following the word “including” shall be interpreted without limitation to the generality of the preceding words;

(v) a statutory provision includes a reference to the statutory provision as modified or re-enacted or both from time to time and any subordinate legislation made or other thing done under the statutory provision or under such re-enactment;

(vi) a reference to a Condition, unless the context otherwise requires, is a reference to a provision of these General Conditions and the headings are for convenience and do not affect the interpretation of any provisions of the General Conditions; and

(vii) a company includes any company, corporation or body corporate, or any other entity having a separate legal personality; a person includes an individual, company, partnership, unincorporated association; and any professional firm or company includes any firm or company effectively succeeding to the whole, or substantially the whole, of its practice or business;

(viii) These General Conditions shall not be interpreted against the party responsible for preparing and drafting it, in other words the contra proferentem rule shall not apply to the interpretation of these General Conditions.

Quotes, Airfares & Bookings
  • In the case of the Company providing any cost quotations, no provisional bookings will have been made unless otherwise specified by the Company. Any costs quoted are subject to change at any time due to inter alia excessive exchange rate fluctuations, fuel costs, taxes, levies, government regulations, rate of exchange, and factors that are imposed upon the Company by its suppliers, Subcontractors or the Government of Zambia that are beyond the Company’s control.
  • Air Fares quoted are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until ticket issuance. Subject to daily currency fluctuations, changes and increase without prior notice and therefore an indication only valid on date of quote only. All quotes are only valid for the same date as it has been quoted on. Subject to class availability at the time of booking.
  • Flights, packages, accommodation, services or activities are subject to availability at the time of the booking and no accommodation, services or activities can be guaranteed until such time as the Company confirms that the booking is in place.
  • All quotations exclude medical & travel insurance cover, transfers and visa costs and other items not mentioned in the quotes as included.
  • Any travel services that are booked but unused as a result of delayed international flights, flight schedule changes or missed flights, are non-refundable as per the Company’s cancellation terms. All additional services required due to the foregoing, shall be for the Client’s own account.
  • Names booked should be exactly as per passport, we require a passport copy at time of booking.
  • Names on ticket/s are Non transferrable or changeable, please check all ticket details on day of issuance.
  • Changes before departure: Penalty fee + Fare Difference may apply. Note that the more restrictive the fare the more restrictive the rulings might be on changes, some fares might not be changable.
  • Changes after departure: Penalty fee + Fare Difference may apply.
  • Flight tickets are considered non-refundable unless otherwise specified in writing.Cancellation/NO SHOW : NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Baggage allowance is as stipulated on the issued ticket. Note that all domestic flights within Zambia are strictly 15kg per person, extra bundles can be pre-bought, ask us about this should you wish to take additional baggage. NOTE: Most European and American operated carriers automatically quote excluding baggage, this might be at an additional charge from the fares quoted.
  • Separate ticket issuance: If any flight is delayed on one of the sectors for a passenger holding separate tickets, the Company and any of the operating airlines on the tickets will not be held responsible for any rebooking and any costs incurred will be for traveler to settle.
  • Meals and special requests: Please note that most airlines require any special assistance such as wheelchair, meet and assist, meals to be done MINIMUM 72 hours prior to departure, any requests after that is not often confirmed. Its at the airlines descretion to confirm requests and cant be guaranteed by the Company.
  • Seating: Note most airlines no longer offer pre-seating free of charge, you are able to check in online 24 hours prior to your flight in the relevant airlines’ website to select seats or contact us to quote for additional charges for pre-seating
  • Rates will be converted into Kwacha at the prevailing GDS system rate of exchange on the date of invoice which is advised by the Company.
  • Form of payment cash deposit or Kwacha bank transfer.
  • Any card payments carry a service charge of 3.5% on top of quotes which will be added to the invoice.
  • Note all USD Payments carry a once of USD40 facilittion fee per payment & ZAR Payments carry a once off ZAR350 facilitation fee, which will be added onto the invoice
  • All bank charges are the responsibility of the client and should be ticked for sender cost, all payments less bank charges will be considered not confirmed until the difference is paid in full.
  • E & EO apply
  • The Company will not provide tickets, coupons, vouchers or booking documentation until proof of the full payment has been received.
  • The Company is not in a position to guarantee any flights prior to receipt of payment thereof as seats are often held for a limited period before ticketing is required.

Check in times – minimum 1 hour domestic and minimum 2/3 hours International. Clients are recommend to do their own check in online 24 hours before travel on the relevant airlines website. NOTE *Solwezi Departure tax: Local:USD10/International:USD20

Passport/s – Please ensure that you have valid travel documents valid for 6 months min from return date, it is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that all travel documents and requirements are in order prior to travel. should be valid for at least 6 months and should have at least 2 blank facing pages, please check your passport details before travel. Ensuring correct documents for travel is the travelers responsibility.

Unabridged Birth certificates – are required for Children under 18 years traveling via/ to South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, if the child is traveling without one parent an affidavit will be required.

Visa, travel documentation, Health requirements – The Client is solely responsible to ensure that hi passport, visas, insurance cover and vaccination certificates, (and any other travel documents and/or requirements of any nature whatsoever) are valid for the duration of the tour, service or activity and in the countries to be visited. Immigration requirements require passports to be valid six months after the intended date of departure from your holiday destination, and if passing through South Africa, there need to be at least two full blank visa pages in the passport. The onus rests on the client to check if any visas are required and should be obtained at own arrangements and cost, Shamba Travel and Tours will not accept liability for any travel insurance, health or visa requirements.

  • It is necessary for most foreign nationals to have a visa for entry into Zambia. It is possible to purchase visas at the point of entry to Zambia and I strongly recommend this course of action.

Visas can be purchased in advance of travel from any Zambian Missions abroad and if they are contacted they will advise this course of action. We might not recommend this chanelas it is more complicated and requires you to send your passport off for a few weeks prior to your departure.

It is advisable to have the correct amount of US dollars cash available on entry to Zambia and a visa will be granted without question. Pounds sterling is no longer accepted for visas at point of entry.

There was a new ‘Univisa’ introduced in 2014 which enables holders to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe freely for a period of up to 30 days. It is planned that this Univisa will be extended to include Botswana, Namibia and Angola but at time of writing it will only cover Zambia and Zimbabwe and allow a day trip to Botswana but no overnight.

Whilst things can change at any time the information contained here is up to date and current.

Current Visa Fees for All Nationalities

Single entry – from US$50.00

Double entry – from US$80.00

Univisa – from US$50.00

Double entry visas are valid for 3 months excepting the case of US nationals whose visas will be valid for 3 years.

Multiple entry visas can only be obtained from Zambian Missions abroad or from headquarters in Lusaka and not at point of entry.

There is a Zambian Government Department of Immigration website on which you will find a list of nationalities that do not require a visa for entry to Zambia. There is also a small list of nationalities that must obtain their visas prior to arrival in Zambia. www.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm

Medical & Travel Insurance – We strongly recommend you obtain full travel and medical insurance prior to your trip. Contact us for quotes and inclusions on different travel and medical cover if you are a South African or Zambian resident leaving from these countries. Medical/ Travel insurance can be obtained from the country or origin / residence. All insurance arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility of the Client and each Client shall arrange his own insurance with a reputable insurer, with cover for the full duration of the tour, and which insurance will cover inter alia personal injury, medical expenses, death, loss of support, disability, loss of luggage, damages and expenses associated with the cancelation or curtailment of any tour, service or activity, before the commencement of any tour, service or activity which may arise as a result of the Client participating in the tour, service or activity. In the event that a Client falls ill, or should be injured during the tour, service or activity the Client shall be responsible for all hospital, doctor, medical, repatriation and any other costs incurred or associated with the same and the Company shall not be liable for any such costs nor any refund of the tour, service or activity fee for any reason whatsoever.

Health requirements & Yellow Fever Certificates – Its the clients responsibiloity to check all health documents/ requirements prior to travel. Note Yellow fever vacination certificates are required for Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania , please always check requirements before travelling.

Frequent flyer number/s, and/or meal and seat (which maybe chargeable) can be included and booked, please provide your preference. We are unable to make any frequent flyer free redemption bookings on the members‘ behalf. We recommend you keep a copy of your boarding stub, some of the airlines allow you to submit until 3-6 months after travel if this can be provided.

Accommodation, Car hire, Visa, Meet & Greet service and Travel insurance – are available to be booked, please enquire with us.

After hours: – Any new requests or confirmations required outside our normal working hours, please kindly send an email to TRAVEL@SHAMBA.CO.ZM and call for assistance on +260 965 2458529 (FOR EMERGENCY TRAVEL ONLY). An after hours additional service charge will be added. Payment to be reflecting in Shamba Travel and Tours account prior to ticket issuance or any accommodation etc taken.


Exclusion of liability

(a) In terms of these General Conditions, and the any Contract concluded pursuant hereto, Shamba Travel and Tours Ltd acts as a booking agent only, for and on behalf of clients,  in procuring and compiling tour packages and associated services and activities. The Company utilizes the products and services of Subcontractors. All activities, associated activities, tours, accommodation, flights and services listed on any proposed itinerary to the Client, Travel Agent or Tour Operator are conducted by Subcontractors appointed by the Company and the Company will under no circumstances be held liable or take any responsibility for any damages, injury or loss sustained by the client during or as a result of any activity or associated activity conducted by any of its Subcontractors.

(b) While the Company makes every effort:

(i) to engage quality Subcontractors among the airlines, hotels, tour operators and other service providers to constitute the itinerary of the tour; and

(ii) to ensure that the various services that constitute the tour package will be carried out efficiently and as advertised,

it does not have direct control over the provision of services by Subcontractors and shall not be liable for inter alia any loss, damage, injury, additional costs, delay or irregularity that may be occasioned by an error or default, act or omission of any Subcontractor in carrying out the logistics of the tour package, or associated services or activities.

The Company shall not accept liability for:

-any changes, omissions or delays before, during or after the course of the tour, service or activity occasioned by technical difficulties, weather conditions, communication breakdown or events beyond the control of the Company;

– any cancellation or curtailment of the tour, service or activity as a result of the Client’s personal circumstances; and

– changed circumstances and or event expenses, including but not limited to unscheduled extensions or curtailment of accommodation, changes to scheduled flights, additional airfares, or any associated costs, all of which will be for the Client’s own account.

– If, in the opinion of the Company, the fulfilment of the tour, service or activity is considered impossible, illegal or inadvisable because of weather conditions, unrest, strikes, war and or any other adverse factors beyond the Company’s control, the Company may at any time cancel the tour package, service or activity or what remains of it, or make alterations to the route, accommodation, price and or any other aspect thereof as it deems fit and any losses and expenses resulting from such cancelation or alteration shall be for the account of the Client.

– The Company will on request provide the identity of the Subcontractor and such Subcontractor’s terms and conditions.

– The Company will not be liable or responsible for any damages of whatsoever nature (including but not limited to any personal injury, death and or damage to property) that the Client may sustain arising from any cause whatsoever, including negligence.

– The Client binds his dependents, heirs, trustees, executors, administrators, third parties and or assigns to the terms and conditions of these General Conditions and undertakes to indemnify, hold harmless and expressly exempt the Company from any and all liabilities and/or claims (including but not limited to claims arising from personal injuries, death, loss of support, delay, theft, inconvenience, accident, loss, consequential loss, damage to property, medical expenses, funeral and related expenses) arising from any cause whatsoever by virtue of the Client’s participation in the tour, service or activity.

– The Client waives any and all liabilities and/or claims of whatsoever nature or cause, howsoever arising, which he or his dependents, heirs, trustees, executors, administrators, third parties and/or assigns might have against the Company and releases the Company against any and all liability and/or claims that may arise or accrue to the Client, his dependents, heirs, trustees, executors, administrators, third parties and/or assigns.

– Without derogating from the generality of these General Conditions, should the Company for any reason whatsoever not be found to be protected by the contents of these General Conditions (in whole or in part) and found to be liable to the Client or any of his dependents, heirs, trustees, executors, administrators, third parties and/or assigns for any loss or damage allegedly suffered, then and in that event the Company’s liability in respect thereof shall be limited to the actual proven and direct loss only, such liability however, shall not exceed US$10,000 (Ten Thousand US Dollars).

– The Company will not be responsible for any charges that appear on a Client’s credit card not levied/effected directly by the Company, and will not accept any responsibility for having any of these charges reversed or corrected upon the Client’s return to his country of departure/final destination.



All Clients undertake to obey all instructions given by the Company and its Subcontractors and to comply with the general Codes of Conduct as may be issued by the various Subcontractors from time to time throughout the duration of the tour.

Neither party shall be liable for any breach of this Agreement or other failure performance arising solely as a result of an event of force majeure which means any event outside the control of the party relying upon it as reason for failing to perform any obligation under the Contract (without limitation) any act, order or requirement of government (national or local), war or threat of war, terrorist activity or the threat of the same, adverse weather conditions such as to create serious risk of death or serious injury or otherwise make performance of the contract dangerous to any person, and any form of industrial action.

The Company may assign, transfer or novate any of its rights and obligations under the Contract without the other party’s written consent.

These General Conditions are effective immediately on confirmation of a booking and shall continue to be in full force until written variation and or termination is confirmed by the Company.